The Lighter Side of CCTV

Since CCTV footage is becoming more and more prevalent today, the chances of catching something peculiar are also increasing. Having platforms such as YouTube, we can share these marvelous videos for everyone to see. 

We have found some of our favorite videos and compilations online and want to share them with you!


We have all seen shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos where someone was lucky enough to be filming a moment in which something hilarious and out of the blue happens to another person. Our first compilation of CCTV videos is in the same manner, only this time a security camera caught the action:


Who can’t pass up funny animal videos? This compilation fits right into the heart of animal lovers everywhere as these videos capture animals doing ridiculous things. Makes you wonder what your pets really do when you’re not around, and CCTV can capture that!


The most obvious purpose of having CCTV cameras is usually to catch criminals in the act. With these videos we can see the crimes unfold. It’s always nice to pinpoint the perpetrator, especially when comedy is involved:

The Unknown

The last of our videos is quite an odd one. Although we’ve always believed everything that we can see – this video might prove differently. We don’t know what happened here. This video makes you think about those bumps you hear at night:

Although CCTV is primarily used to deter criminal activity and protect whatever it is you may be watching, the videos we have shown you here prove that you’ll never know what you might see!

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