Preventing False Claims

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CCTV cameras in general are used as deterrents as well as evidence when crimes are reported but one crime has a lasting effect on all of us. Insurance fraud in retail stores.

The idea behind this is that people will stage accidents in retail stores in order to sue the store for a lot of money. Good Morning America posted a great insightful video that really shows how much of an issue these criminals cause for anyone that shops retail.

These criminals are using this method as a “get rich quick” scheme as they can sue the store for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since 2008 there has been a 24% increase in false claims.

As we can see in the following video is that with the assistance of a surveillance system in the store, it is easy to prove that there is foul play regarding the incident. Usually the act is done with two different people. One person sets up the mess, wither it be spilling a drink or placing something where it doesn’t belong, and the second person who “falls” over the object.

Since, according to the video, people request astronomical amounts for falling, the cost of operation then begins to climb. The business needs to keep prices higher to combat the losses they get from the criminals.

But we don’t have to give up all hope, with the use of having a CCTV surveillance system inside of your business, it will help not only catch the acts, but also deter people from committing them. All acts of insurance fraud are punishable by a prison sentence. Even the conspiracy to commit insurance fraud is a punishable ordeal.

The best way to combat these types of acts and to catch the criminal red handed would be to install a CCTV surveillance system so you are able to revisit the incident on film.

Check out the video by Good Morning America here.

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