The Growth of CCTV

Parking lot light camera

As the 2018 year comes to an end, an annual report done by was run on the current and projected state of CCTV surveillance cameras.

Around the world, CCTV cameras are becoming more and more popular, not only for businesses but for residential homes as well.

According to Market Watch’s report, CCTV surveillance systems will reach a market value of over $29 million by the year 2025.

The reason for this incredible increase within the market is that technology companies are inventing and coming out with new state of the art pieces of equipment as well as making leaps on the clarity of the cameras. As technology continues to excel, we can find ways to bring better equipment into the lives of businesses and residential properties, allowing for a much safer environment to live in.

Another factor that is assisting this rapid growth of the use of CCTV surveillance systems is the rising concern for a safe environment. With the addition of having residential properties also having a need for CCTV systems, companies are able to bring the cost of a system down, allowing them to be more affordable.

With this outlook, CCTV cameras will soon be something that will becoming increasingly common in every business and home you go into, giving you the security that is now desired by more families and business owners than it has been before.

With this report giving such a jump in the usage of CCTV surveillance cameras in 6 years, it goes to show that the ideas of security will be increasingly prevalent within society. This leads to the conclusion that given more people will be able to access surveillance systems, the quality of these systems are only bound to increase.

It’ll be very interesting to see how intricate and advanced the devices will be when the next outlook comes out.

Check out the full report from Market Watch.

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