CCTV Doesn’t Only Capture Crime


When it comes to the news, CCTV and surveillance systems seem to only capture negative events such as crime, but that’s not the only thing that these systems can capture!

A police officer in Florida almost had a run in with lightning as he was getting out of his car. Fortunately the rogue bolt of lighting missed the officer but was far too close for comfort!

This terrifying event was captured on the police departments CCTV surveillance system.

Thankfully the officer escaped unharmed as he took shelter in his patrol car.

Another capture on CCTV surveillance was a couple that was having a little dance party.

On the night of New Year’s Day, a couple from Louisiana came home after celebrating the New Year with their family. While bringing the kids and their bags inside, the couple continued listening to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us,” from the car.

Transfixed by the music, the couple began feeling the music so much that they broke out in dance!

Using some of the moves that made Michael famous, the couple kept eye contact while mirroring each other’s dance moves. It took the two dancers awhile to realize that they had been on camera the whole time as they installed a CCTV surveillance system in their home to protect it from any type of intruder.

The dancing couple responded well to the feedback they had gotten.

Although the media may portray all CCTV surveillance system playback as negative encounters, it is not the case in these, as well as many other instances.

You never know what you will find when you have a CCTV surveillance system installed at you home!

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