Speco Partnership

CCTV Camera on Ivy

With the idea of keeping our product quality high with an affordable cost to our consumers, we here at Nightwatch Protection Inc. have recently partnered with Speco Technologies for all our camera needs.

Speco Technologies has been in the camera business for over fifty years, bringing the newest and most innovative technology to the industry. Along with the most current and up to date equipment, Speco keeps their customers in mind by allowing the products to be affordable.

With having an affordable product, the ease of use comes into play. Having many users within the network, Speco has designed a very user-friendly app. Allowing all of our customers to have an easy experience when looking at their cameras.

Like us at Nightwatch Protection Inc, Speco Technologies also prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Upon our partnership, we had a representative from Speco come out and give a fully detailed presentation on the ins and outs of their product. Assuring us any question and issue will be resolved in a proficient manner.

We are all very excited for our new partnership and the ability to introduce our customers to the most innovative cameras on the market at such an affordable cost.

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